Antique Radio Links

Electronic Parts and Vacuum Tubes - * denotes tubes
Electron Tube Enterprises *   Capacitor supplier Excellent
Tubeworld *   Antique Electronic Supply * one of the first suppliers
Leeds Radio - since 1923 *   Radio Tube Supply *  
Vacuum Tubes Inc. *   Cascade Surplus Elect.*  
Angela Instruments *   Bob's Antique Radio caps, power cords
Fair Radio *   Tubes from Japan  
Moyer Electronics   Ray Nowak * found in ARC
Ocean State Electronics   Play Things Of Past * Neat place!
Surplus Stuff *   The Tube Center *  
Triode Electronics Online *   Circuit Specialists  
Mouser Electronics   Radio Daze* lots of parts, DECALS
Digi-Key Electronics   Tube Depot *  
KensElectronics   Electronic Surplus  
Bill Turner Electrolytic Capacitors Old Radio Parts  Repro Dials, Controls
RF Parts Company   VacuumTubes.Net*  
Capacitors   Jameco Electronics  
Gary Brown*   Allied Electronics



Tube Spec's & Tech Data
Cape Old Radio data on ballast tubes Sparton Tube Information Japanese site
Eye tube information   Online Tube Manual military manuals also
Cathode Ray Tube Specs Nixie Tubes & parts Radau5's Vacuum Tubes  
Frank's electron Tube Data   DuncanAmps (Tube Data)  
Sylvania Tube Man 1943 tube data Miniature Lamp data  
Capacitor Codes how to read them    


Auctions, Stores, Collections & Photos, Museum's, Early History
eBay - radios on-line auction Antiques and Collectibles Sometimes Radios & Tubes
Estes Auctions in ARC Antique Radio Page  
The Radio Attic's Archives Photos - LOTS Air Chief Radios Firestone radios....
Museum of Radio&Tech...   Classic Radio Gallery  
The RadioShaque   Bill & Connie's Basement photos of a super collection
Russian Radios   Heathkit Virtual Museum  
Radiomuseum Czechoslovakia Southern Appal. Radio...  
Radio Muzeum Hungary Spark's Telegraph Review  
Zenith Radio Store, 1936   Vintage Radio Page  
Vintage Radio & Scientific   Old Radio Zone  
West. Hist. Radio Museum   Mednick's Radio and...  
Tom Polk mostly transistor radios Old Radio Column  
Made In Rochester   Camp Evans History  
Tube museum   Documenting Early Radio  
Early Television Foundation   Radio Service Bulletins, (January 1915 to June 1932)
Television History 1946-49   U.S. Early Radio History  
Hist.of the Atlantic Cable Off Topic - but neat! Colo. Hist. Newspapers  


Restoration Techniques
This Old ...(Wood repair) RESTORATION ARTICLES Rebuild Phono Cartridge  
Antique Radio repair guide   Hot Rodding AA5 Radios  
Bakelite Block Capacitors   Repair tips  
IF Cans for Valves   Do it yourself Photo finish  
Make Your Own IF Trans..      


Restoration Supplies
Kramers Home Page Preservation product Radio Knobs  
Mohawk Finishing   Woodworkers Supply  
Constantines Wood Center Lacquers, veneer Mirror hangers, bed slats, shellac, lacquer, varnish
Real paper-thin wood possible source for veneer Grille cloth  
Alumilite Corp.   Turntable Parts  
Mold-Making   West-Tech Services  
Plasticare Silicon and resins SunDial Wire  
Dial Covers   Litz wire and More…  
U.S. Plastics   Speaker repair  
Atlas Dial Covers   Convex clock glass  
Water Slide Decal   Round Clock Glass  
McGonigal Paper   Time Savers (clocks)  
Decal Paper - for Inkjets   Leather Crafts and Trunks  
Caswell - Brush Plating   Leather Trunk Handles  
Radio Parts Page Knobs, Pushbuttons Leather Handles  


Heathkit, Test Equipment, Boat Anchors, Military, Ham
Nolan's Boatanchor Page Military tube testers.... W.J. Ford Surplus *  
Ant.Radios & BoatAnchors   Boat Anchors - Heath  
Classic & Military Radio   Boat Anchors - Pictures Photos & links
Collins Collectors Assoc.   The Vibroplex Co., Inc.  
Hallicrafters Web Site   Code Practice Oscillator Musuem
The DXzone   Hamfest Database ARRL
HeathKit links   AC6V Links page Huge!
Heathkit schematics   Boat Anchor links  
Early Hickok tube testers   Supreme Instr. Manuals, Tube Data, and Schematics
Military Hickok Testers   Hallicrafters gallery  
Military Radio Equipment      


Schematics & Diagrams
Nostalgia Air - Riders lots of other neat stuff Sam's Dial Cord Diagrams pdf downloads
Schematic Bank on-line Beitman's, Indexes Beitman Manual's - dwnlds in Djvu format
Electronic Manual Index Riders, Beitmans, & Sams Sam's Index  
Rider's - pdf downloads Indexes also    


Clubs, Groups and Forums
Mid-Atlantic Ant. Radio Club   CRC Web Page our web page
So.Cal. Antique Radio Soc.   CRC yahoo eGroup use to email our egroup
S. E. Ant.Radio Society   New Zealand  
Antique Wireless Association   Hist.Radio Soc. Australia.  
Canadian Vint.Radio Society   Norwegian Radio Society  
Cal. Historical Radio Society   The PHILCO Phorum  
Rec.Ant.Radio + Phon (Google) Try 'Search this group' UK Vintage Radio forums
Houston Vintage Radio   Radiomuseum forums  
New Jersey Radio Club   Antique Radio Resources LOTS of good forums
Tube Collectors Association   Nostalgia Air forums


Manuals , Books, CD's, Magazines, Radio Shows, Videos
Tube Tester Manuals   Radio Era Archives * lots of CD's
Lindsay's Technical Books   Antique Radio Classified  
Allied Radio TOC Data Handbook - 1966 Radio Bygones available online - UK
Radio Reprints   Electric Radio Magazine   Internet Archive: OTR Old Time Radio
A. G. Tannenbaum's  
Bequaert Old Books   More old time radio shows  
Vintage Manuals for sale   Free OTR Downloads  
Transformer Catalogs   Old Radio World  
Copyright search tool   Old Time Radio Fans  
Pete Millet's Audio pgs eBooks!! "The Listening Room"  
Technical books online!   OTR-FTP Server  
NJARC eBooks LOTS of good stuff! OTR.Network Library Djvu articles, reprints Old Radio Programs  
YouTube-RCA Radio Repair RCA Radio 280 part 1 Pandora Radio Play old-time songs
You Tube.............Search Vintage or Antique Radios    


Resource Pages
Radio Collecting Links   Eye Tube History & Specs  
Bookmrks-some dead links still lots of info NBC Chimes - Lots of info Bill Harris' site
RadioSwapMeet Activity... Have NOT signed up with Zenith Chassis Information  
The On Line Radio Trader   Tube Radio Restoration  
Philco Radios online Philco schematics Atwater Kent Home Page technical site
The Philco Repair Bench  
The Philco Restorer   Atwater Kent Breadboard  
Solid State Elect.Comp.   Vintage Radios - UK  
Tube Radio Links Portal   European Radio Database  
Plasticradios   Radio Art - UK  
Grebe Synchrophase   UK Vintage Radio Repair  
Jon's Antique Radios   The TechnoPhool page  
Radiola Guy   Vacuum Tube Pages  
Rod's Classic Radios   Fun With Tubes  
Jim's Crosley Ant. Radios   Tone Lounge  
Phil's Old Radios power supply plans Vint. Brdcast Microphones  
ABPR Usenet Pict. Archives   Old radios..  
Wumpus´s Old Radio....... World   Silvertone Model #1923  
Silvertone Radios   Repair & Rest. Index UK
Stone Vintage Radio   Vintage Radio and Audio  


Transistor Radios & Info
Sarah's Transistor Radios   Aldo Andreani's Page  
Ron's Transistor Radios   Transistor Radios books and videos
Regency TR-1 Transistor radio history Research Transistors  
Regency TR-1(2) Transistor Radio facts Transistor Radio Brand Names and Manufacturers
RadioWallah photos Tran.Radios in galaxyM31  
Transistor history   Roger McGuinn's Transistor Radio Collection
CK722 Transistor Website   Brief Transistor Radio History
A Note on the Transistor Radio    


Antennas, Plans, Homebrew, Crystal Radios
Basic VR Tube Reg. Circuit   Two-tube radio  
The Xtal Set Society   Dave's Homemade Radios  
Amateur/Homebrew/ Links   Crystal Radio  
AB0CW's Ant. Radio Page Mark Dittmar Crystal Radio Page  
'Homebrew' Project Page   Crystal Radio Sets  
Vintage Radio & Elect. kits, books & parts plus Radio, Electronics and... projects
HomeBrew Links   Dave’s Loop Antenna's  
Old Radio Builder   AM Antennas  
An FM Crystal Set   AM Loop Antenna Calc.  
FM Only Radios   AM Transmitter  


Useful Programs
Irfanview Graphics file viewer/editor Open Office "Office" suite - FREE
Djvu viewer Download site for viewer Adobe Dwnld/update pdf reader